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The Super Sexy Skin videos don't seem to be playing properly.


Firstly, please check that the problem is not an Internet connection speed problem by trying to watch another video online (visit You Tube to find one) and see if you have the same difficulty. Another test is to try and watch the video you are having trouble viewing on a friends computer to see if you can view it.

The next thing to check is that your software is the latest version available. Then, if you are still having an issue, please submit a ticket here: Belinda Benn Support and please provide a description of what is occuring when you try to view the video & also tell us which operating system you are using (i.e. Mac or Windows) and what browser you are trying to view them in (Safari, Google Chrome etc.). The more information you can provide us with the sooner we can get you viewing those videos.


Customer Support Team

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